Specializing in the treatment of acne, Linda thoroughly cleanses the pores, calms inflammation, and gets to the root of the cause by wiping out acne bacteria. She also consults with you about your diet and nutrition, and how they often directly affect acne sufferers. The combination of this clinical treatment with proper home care and nutrition greatly minimizes acne breakouts, achieving a clearer, more beautiful complexion.     
The premise of Linda's practice is based on the belief that everyone can have great skin. Client's skin care goals are paramount; and your satisfaction in the treatments and products you receive is of great importance to her. She provides results oriented skin care and would like for everyone to understand their own skin, and experience the pinnacle of skin health and wellness.

Linda is a lifelong skincare and wellbeing enthusiast turned expert. Born in the California Bay Area, Linda's passion for skincare began at a young age. Troubled by problem skin during her teenage years, she discovered solutions through regular facials. For Linda, treating the surface issues weren’t enough. She took an interest in an organic lifestyle, including diet and skincare products.

Linda is expertly trained, licensed and is highly skilled in all areas of Acne recovery and Skin Rejuvenation.

Licensed Skin Therapist, Medical Esthetician, Reiki Practioner, Makeup Artist

Expert in the treatment of acne, and skin rejuvenation.

Clinical Acne Treatment 60 minutes $160.00